Setbacks = New Motivation

So tonight I had scheduled to go to a “Customize your own workout” class at my local Planet Fitness.  Before I went I decided to weigh myself and take a few pictures of what I am currently.  I weighed and was very disappointed I went from 196.5 to 201.5.  When I saw that I wanted to just crawl under my covers on my couch eat a tub of ice cream and drink all the sodas that I can.  Instead I started to think.

For every pound I want to lose I need to find a reason why I want to lose that pound.  Some of them are superficial and others are really good reasons.  For every pound I am working on I will start posting those reasons on cards that I can place in my office at work, my car, my purse, my mirror, the fridge, my phone, facebook, instagram and even certain ones I can turn into blog topics.  I have lots of them since I want to be down to 120 lbs or so.  Below are my pictures and then also my list of 82 motivations of why i want to lose a pound.


82 Motivations:

  1. To Be Healthier
  2. To keep up with my daughter.
  3. To be an inspiration to others
  4. To not lose my breath when I chase after my dog
  5. To not see my belly when I look down
  6. To feel pretty.
  7. To be confident
  8. To set a goal and mark it off
  9. For myself.
  10. For my daughter
  11. To make my exs jealous.
  12. To feel confident as I start to date again.
  13. To be able to help my daughter in her tug of war tournament this coming school year.
  14. To be able to wear my old clothes that I loved.
  15. To be able to walk in heels confidently.
  16. To find peace inside.
  17. To prove to myself that others don’t have control over me.
  18. To find something to do besides sit and watch TV all night every night.
  19. To Show others that it doesnt matter what age you are as long as you set your heart to it you can do it.
  20. To put a little more positive stuff for my haters to hate if they want to.
  21. To find peace in my own body.
  22. To be able to eat what I want but not worry about gaining weight.
  23. To encourage others to do what they want to do.
  24. To make friends.
  25. To show those who didn’t want to help me I don’t need their help.
  26. To show those who do support me that their support means so much to me.
  27. Get over my fear of doing things by myself.
  28. To know I can lose a weight.
  29. To be stronger.
  30. To be fit.
  31. To be healthy
  32. To take my daughter out places and not feel embarrassed of how i look.
  33. To fit in clothes that have been given to me but I had gained weight and wasnt able to ever wear.
  34. To cross off a few things on my bucket list.
  35. To be confident at a gym
  36. Learn to Love the gym.
  37. Squats
  38. Nice Butt
  39. Crunches
  40.  To get a six Pack.


Well I need to head to bed.  Got to get up and head to work in the morning.  I will finish this list up tomorrow so be prepared to check it out then.


Getting Back 2 Fit,


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