Struggles are real.

So after having a great weekend where I went to my 15 year class reunion, I started my Monday as one of “those” Mondays.  I found my divorce had went through but that they said I hadn’t put an appearance in even though they had that paperwork there so I was mad and frustrated.  I was also sore from bowling and dancing on Saturday so I just did some yoga at my house but today I realized I let excuses come between me and my goals.  I was mad at myself for that.


Today I am taking time to sit down and truly work on my plan.  I am trying to figure out what my workout schedule is going to be.  When I go to the gym I feel so nervous I have no one to go with me and I have no idea what to do while I am there.  I have used treadmills and ellipticals before so I think I am going to just start there until I figure more of a plan I want to do help me out.  I tried to get some classes to help me and the people who were trainers didn’t help me besides give me a paper with a list but not showing me how to do the actual list.


I am also working on finding out all my excuses I can have and find ways to combat them.  That can be hard also.


Anyone have any suggestions or ideas on how to help people who are scared to go to a gym by themselves?  What made you get over that fear?  I will be posting what helps me out in a week or two.


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  1. My best gym anxiety remedy has been loud music in my ear buds & choosing one machine I can see everything from. I watch what other people are doing for inspiration & when they leave, go mimmick what I saw them do, especially on weight lifting.

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