New motivation…Monday Starts Day One of my HealthyWage

So I have decided to do a healthywage bet.  It is where you pay X amount of money for X amount of months (has to be over $100 total) and wage on how much weight you want to lose during that time.  If you succeed they pay you money back plus extra.  I have decided to do one and I am only doing it for $10 a month for a year, I plan on losing 65 pounds.  I measured myself and was at 200 so that will mean that puts me back at 135 which was what i used to consider to be fat.  I am excited for it and I figure that it would be a good goal its not something totally outrageous.  Something I can honestly achieve in a healthy manner.

I have been doing lots of thinking of ways to improve myself mentally and physically because for a while now I have just been scared to do stuff.  I need to quit worrying about what everyone else thinks about me and do it for me that is my main reason to so that my daughter will have me around to do fun stuff with her and not be the bump on the log that is no fun.  If you have any questions please feel free to contact me and if you are interested in doing a HealthyWage yourself please feel free to follow the link ( )  and we both can get a bonus for you joining in.


You may wonder what I plan on doing with the money I win well I think I may take my daughter and me on a fun adventure somewhere.


Have a Fit Day.




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  1. I do a lot of public speaking and mentoring and the one thing I always tell people who struggle with getting where they want in life is this:
    1. Be like Nike (just do it)
    2. Just keep swimming (Dorie from Finding Nemo)

    One step forward and keep going! Great job to you!

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